What is SEO for businesses?

SEO is about increasing the rankings of a website in the natural (not paid) search results.

The primary advantage of ranking well for a particular keyword is you will get more traffic to your website, month after month. This is because most internet surfers look for something related to their topic, and if they are not able to find it in your site, they will either go elsewhere or simply use another search engine for the information they require.

So this means more visitors to your website.

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What do search engines do?

What search engines do is rank their results by how many links point back to a site. Links from relevant websites increase your page rank and also increases the chances of people clicking on the site link.

You see, search engines are just like any other marketing tool. They take all the data they have about your website and use it to determine how useful that site is, and what they should focus on doing to keep it up to date, and increase its chances of being listed in their search results.

To improve your page ranking with Google, you need to know a few key strategies. First of all, do not use the same URL for your main website and your related pages; this may help the search engine bots to see them as more similar.

How to attract the Search engines

Instead, you should use one domain name for all of your related sites. This will allow Google to be able to tell them apart, and will also make your pages more SEO friendly.

Also, the amount of keyword density that is used on your web pages should be at a minimum. Keyword density, as defined by the Search Engine Optimization Association (SEO), is how much text there is on a page.

These are some of the basics of SEO. If you want to know more, there are many online tutorials, ebooks and resources available, which will show you how to do SEO effectively for businesses.

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